Lock Widgets 8 now obtainable at Windows Phone Store

Lock Widgets 8 Windows Phone Store

We all know that Windows Phone 8 is the most powerful mobile operating system that allows its users to enjoy all the applications that make their life easy and convenient. Gradually, many new and wonderful applications are making their way towards Windows Phone 8 because of its high popularity. When it comes to talk about lock-screen applications for Windows Phone 8, all the users are extremely crazy for these applications as they are using the lock-screen to display lots of information.

One of the best lock widget apps, ‘Lock Widgets 8’ uses the lock-screen to allow you to choose information that you want to display on your lock-screen. Lock Widget 8 is an excellent application that allows you easy and hassle-free selection of information that you want to display. This application has been published in the Windows Phone 8 Store by Jaxbot, a known developer of Windows Phone Hacker. It is one of the useful applications if you want to include some essential and useful information on your lock-screen.

Last year, this application had been released for all the Windows Phone 7.5 completion unlocked by the developer with some useful updates. Now, developer introduced this application for Windows Phone 8 in the official store. When it comes to talk about the first version of the application, three different widgets are added such as current temperature, battery status and temperature tomorrow. Apart from this, you can also choose from the day Bing, those of NASA and more.

According to your needs, you can keep one or all the widgets on your screen. You can keep your won picture as wallpaper or any other image from NASA and Bing. Many of you all prefer to keep your own picture on the screen, so you can also add “weather effects” like rain droplets. In short, LockWidgets 8 is one of the great applications for your Windows Phone 8 lock-screen. You can find this application at Windows Phone Store for $0.99 or a free trial.

Lock Widgets 8 Windows Phone Store

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