How Dot Net Framework Affects On Windows Phone 8 Application Development?

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Dot net is the exceptional platforms for developing robust web applications and amazing websites. It is one of the most appreciated platforms by the developers due to its excellent reliability and scalable framework. One of the best things about this framework is now; it is available for Windows 8 Phone with Windows Phone SDK 8.0. Using this framework, one can easily enhance capacity of Dot Net development for Windows platform and improves its personality as well. Windows Phone Developers are feeling excited as it enhances Windows Phone 8 Application Development scope at the great level. This framework made to be more advanced to make an appropriate tool for Windows Phones.

First of all, we are considering Asynchronous programming model, which is more advanced than Dot net 4.5 update. With this enhanced features, it enables Windows Phone 8 to run on multi-core hardware. Windows Phone Developers can access such improvement by using 'await' and 'Asynchronous' language keywords or by using Task Parallel Library. All these amazing features give a highly responsive UI experience to the user. For developers, this platform is very smooth to work. There are numerous tasks that can be added in the Dot Net libraries for providing facility of creating asynchronous code. Another thing that improves Windows development is CoreCLR engine that contains excellent features and optimizations, just like the 4.5 version.

In the Dot Net framework, one should find improved the code generation and runtime process. This contribution makes deduction of time approximate 50%. As compare to the .Net Compact framework, this feature allows you smoother and faster programming. Moreover, the efficient garbage collector system is also added in this engine that is very fruitful while development process. Talking about the CoreCLR, it is a Common Language Runtime, allows improved performance while creating .Net apps. One can say that CoreCLR forms are the most important attraction of .Net framework for Windows Phone 8 Application Development.

With loads of advanced features, one can get vantage of high-performance without wasting of time, responsiveness in apps, better development, Asynchronous programming model, etc. there is no doubt, Windows Phones bring some excitement factors for the developers and the .Net framework has been an appropriate match for this platform. Remember, there is no excellent development occurred without skilled developer. So, Hire Windows Phone Developers from the reliable Windows Phone 8 Application Development service provider and create robust applications for your device.