Windows Application Development- Getting More Popularity In Recent Times

Windows Phone Application Development

Just like traditional programming, Windows Phone Application Development is getting more popularity in recent times. This is because of the same programming tools such as Visual Studio is used for developing programs for smart phones as well as desktops. Let’s discuss what it brings for Windows Phone 8 App Developers who are trying their hands in development service. While starting development procedure, you have to take care of installing the latest version of Visual Studio so to make drag-and-drop applications by using minimum coding. Using visual studio, developer can able to develop applications, debug it and pack it for deliver to the clients. Apart from, Windows software development kit is also essential for developing feature-rich applications.

Using Windows SDK, developers can easily get huge support and help as it has necessary APIs and resource files, which is most essential for development procedure. Windows Phone App Developers can easily test and debug application through sample applications and emulators without connecting with actual phone. If you are using emulator while development process, you have to require ActiveSync. It works excellently and load created application packages from visual studio to the emulator or device. If you are using Vista, then you don’t require downloading while XP users have to download for taking vantage of ActiveSync.

For creating a simple application, one doesn’t require huge knowledge experience. It would be simple for those developers, who already have idea about visual studio. In order to make use of visual studio for developing Windows Application, developer can only have to choose 'Smart Device' from their project type. Now, you have to make click on smart device project for selecting 'Device Application' available in pop-up Smart Device Project window. No matter what functionality, you required for your form. You can simply add through dragging and dropping buttons and add it into event handlers. After completing the whole procedure, you have to press F5 for test it on emulator or device.

Windows Phone 8 Application Development

Windows Phone 8 App Developers, who are getting confused regarding any steps, can have Micorosft's MSDN, developer’s network, for solving your problem. In Micorosft's MSDN, one can find webcasts, code samples, blogs, virtual lab, video demos, etc. through which they can easily clear their confusions. Another option for Windows Application Development is to outsource Development Company or hire Windows Phone App Developers that deliver you excellent service for your business and other requirements. They are making 100% effort to deliver professional application and also promote it on behalf of you.