HERE Maps and 'spaceselfie' app Released for Windows Phone

The three power-packed applications, HERE Maps, 'spaceselfie' and Poki come to makes their space in human’s heart with its marvelous features. Read this post and download your favorite application in your device by visiting at App Store.

This time, Nokia comes with two amazing applications for Windows Phone, i.e. HERE Maps and 'spaceselfie' app. HERE Maps is one of excellent application, providing solid mapping experience from Nokia. This application is only available on the Lumia 2520 while the spaceselfie app is one of the latest applications available at the Windows Phone Store for shooting oneself with props and other galactic ideas to win a free Lumia Windows Phone.

This application mainly comes with a #spaceselfie contest that goes beside with its developer Imagin8 competition. Another interesting thing comes from Nokia’s side is brand new Pocket client, called Poki with its updated version. Created by Austrian developer @artistandsocial, this application is excellent in accessing. Probably, it is one of the hottest Pocket apps available for users at Windows Store.

One of the surprising things about this application is it holds a 5 star rating in the U.S. and is globally averaging 200-500 downloads a day.

Let’s see what these three applications bring for you:

HERE Maps comes with following improvements:
  • Latest high-resolution satellite imagery
  • Offline maps load faster as compare to using a website for navigation. Speed improvements to the online portions are also seen
  • Mouse + keyboard support for traditional PC users along with the continued support of touch displays
'Spaceselfie' app includes tips to get a perfect shot of you:

  • Strong distinctive background colors work excellent - like blue, green and red
  • Try using more than one light to light up your background, if you are inside
  • Ensure to avoid highlights, patterns, wrinkles shadows, or creases in the background.
  • In order to create good separation, it is recommended to stand a couple of paces in front of your chosen background. This will make sure no cast in any shadows on the background

Lastly, let’s see latest features updated in Poki

  • Added Videos to the list filter
  • Support for websites with multiple pages
  • Ability to report faulty articles
  • Auto-completion for tag editing and add dialog
  • Toggle for auto-refresh on startup
  • New Live tiles + ability to use accent color as background
  • Show link dialog when clicking links in articles
  • Video (Vimeo/Youtube) support in reading view
  • Help view for login/registration problems
  • Select for voice gender

If you want to pick any of these applications for your Windows smart phones, simply visit Microsoft Windows Store to download.

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